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About One Family Legal

One Family Legal’s mission is to see children have a better life and help families grow. We understand the struggles and obstacles facing individuals looking to adopt. As such, we look to ease the adoption process as much as possible for our clients.

Furthermore, we always strive to take a measured and ethical approach to every case we take. We take licenses seriously and seek to help others to do the right thing.

Starting a family can be challenging, and navigating Florida adoption law even more so! That’s why One Family Legal’s dedicated legal professionals are here to assist. Together, we can help you make a family.

Client Testimonials

I was referred to Kristen by a lawyer I had previously on this same case. Since Kristen has been a part of my case she has been very involved working hard to get me and my children reunified. Kristen adapted quickly on what she needed to do and who she needed to contact to get me where I am today. I am currently waiting for my case to close in June. I am very grateful for her help and satisfied with her work. My recommendation would be a 10/10 you will not be disappointed with her representing you.

- Maggie M