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About Kristen Inkelaar

Kristen Inkelaar is the experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated lead attorney at One Family Legal. She obtained her Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Central Florida in 2011, followed by her Juris Doctorate at the Dwayne O. Andreas School of Law in 2015. While in law school, Kristen focused extensively on family law, often participating in court and arbitration proceedings as part of moot court.

Following graduation, Kristen held a position as Assistant Attorney General for five years within the Florida Office of the Attorney General, furthering her education in dependency cases and foster care services. Ready for new challenges, Kristen then went to work for a reputable, local defense firm. However, upon realizing that this new path didn’t provide her with the same level of satisfaction that helping people did, she returned to family law and eventually opened up her own practice – One Family Legal.

Kristen has invested significant time and energy into honing and perfecting her legal expertise over the past few years and is determined to use it to make a positive impact on people’s lives.

Together, We Make a Family

Together, We Make a Family

At One Family Legal, we are dedicated to helping others create happy and long-lasting families. Our firm was started by legal professionals who care deeply about children’s care, safety, and protection throughout Florida. We pride ourselves on our adoption legal services, ensuring new parents and guardians in Florida can easily manage the adoption process. However, building happy families means looking out for children who can’t care for themselves. To this end, we also provide additional family law and juvenile dependency services to protect the rights of parents and children alike.

Starting a family can be challenging, and navigating Florida law even more so! That’s why One Family Legal’s dedicated legal professionals are here to assist. Together, we can help you make a family.

Our Mission

One Family Legal’s mission is to see children have a better life and help families grow. We understand the struggles and obstacles facing individuals looking to adopt. As such, we look to ease the adoption process as much as possible for our clients.

Furthermore, we always strive to take a measured and ethical approach to every case we take. We take licenses seriously and seek to help others to do the right thing.

Why Choose One Family Legal?

One Family Legal knows a thing or two about family law, adoption services and juvenile dependency because we’ve dealt with the worst of it! We’ve managed some challenging cases for parents and children but have been able to reach positive outcomes for most parties involved. Moreover, we get to know our clients and understand what drives them and their emotions. While staying professional, we emphasize the emotions behind a case, allowing us to present the strongest possible arguments when contending with custody disputes, dependency cases, adoption issues, and more.