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Juvenile Dependency

A mother walking her child to school after winning her juvenile dependency case in Tampa FL

Find Help Managing Juvenile Dependency in Tampa FL

A juvenile dependency case can be a scary ordeal for any family. Especially in cases where Child Welfare Services is actively trying to remove children from your custody, protecting your and your children’s rights can seem impossible. Thankfully, with guidance from lawyers experienced in juvenile dependency cases, you can protect your child and keep or regain your custody rights. To discuss your dependency case in detail, contact the professionals at One Family Legal.

Always What’s Best for Your Children

At One Family Legal, we always have the best interests of your children in mind when managing juvenile dependency cases. Ultimately, we aim to ensure no child is abandoned, abused or left behind by neglectful guardians. At the same time, we advocate for the rights of parents and guardians when their parental rights are being infringed upon. Through Florida law, all parties involved in your case work to protect children and avoid placing them in foster care when other appropriate options are available.

How Can We Help?

One Family Legal’s juvenile dependency attorneys are well-versed in Florida family law, understanding dependency cases take priority over additional separation and custody matters. Our team has worked closely with the Department of Children’s and Family Services and local juvenile courts to ensure we can reach the best possible outcome for children and parents involved in a dependency case. As such, we’ve managed:

  • Dependency Cases – Whether Children’s Services is threatening to take your children away or you’re fighting to keep a child out of a neglectful guardian’s care, our attorneys can help.
  • Termination of Parental Rights – If you believe parents pose a danger to children or are not fit to care for their child, our attorneys can assist in filing a petition with the court.
  • Reunification – If your child was taken from you due to accusations of neglect or abuse, we’ll help you get on the right track to earning your parental rights back and reuniting with them.
  • Adoption – Some dependency cases can result in child adoption by other family members or guardians. If such is true for your case, an attorney can help work out the adoption details.
  • Third-Party Representation to Adopt – Our attorneys assist with the arc process to be considered for adoption by an aunt, uncle, etc., after a dependency case or termination of parental rights.
  • Long-Term Foster Care – In scenarios where children must be removed from a home for an extended period, and adoption is not a viable solution, our attorneys assist in arranging long-term foster care.
  • Court Representation – One Family Legal has experienced trial lawyers for our juvenile dependency cases. We represent individuals in cases where children have been abused, neglected or abandoned. Additionally, we can represent parents, foster parents, children, or outside third parties (like grandparents) in juvenile dependency cases.
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Call One Family Legal Today

Juvenile dependency law can be challenging, no matter what side of a case you’re on. If seeking proper legal representation for your juvenile dependency case in Tampa FL, trust the counsel of One Family Legal. Or, if interested in the management of cases involving adoption or other family law matters, contact us today at 813-773-6488. Also, our office is located at 2503 W Swann Ave, Ste 108, Tampa, FL 33609.